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About Perfect Software solution

Perfect Software solution is a fast growing IT company. Our lines of business are in Strategic Technology Consulting, System Integration & Software Development, E-commerce & Web Development and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). In a short span of time Perfect Software Solution has developed business relationship with a reputed clientele all over the India. Today, we provide services, support and solutions to clients in various Industry verticals.

A few from the industry verticals that we work closely are cutting edge technology companies, Innovative internet ventures, Serial port Communication through Modbus Protocol, GSM, Barcode Interface, Thermal System and PHP and all Type of Database Management. Our work culture is based on the ethos of trust, commitment and values. A work Culture built on such values has only one objective in mind: Nurture Professional Talent. Ensure that our professional talent puts technology to client specific use in services, support and solutions.

Strategic Technology Counsulting

We understand that technology has to keep and be in complete consonance with the competitive strategies of our clients and businesses we service. In tune with this principle, we have worked closely with our clients in understanding their business processes and the challenges they face in the data driven information age. Deriving business intelligence from business data is as enormous challenge which our clients face.

By developing custom made solution for each Industry we have helped our clients reap the fullest rewards of next generation software technologies. Our team of business strategy consultant generates new data structures that match the demands of business plans with a set of the latest information tools. Our team has worked closely with technology management teams in leading consulting companies over the world. Our teams of core software specialist have gained invaluable experience in the design of new models of data driven business strategies in major telecom, finance, Manufacturing and Banking companies.

E - Commerce

Our efforts focus on concept, design, development and re-engineering of web businesses. We are working closely with software majors on new applications for user demographics to the history of purchase decisions with instant comparisons from distributed databases.

Efforts on to design and develop complex data structures and tools that would be helpful for companies to track and analyze purchase decisions instantly for marketing intelligence systems. We are also working closely with our clients to help them leverage the intranet design along with the web design for the quick and immediate capturing of user orders.

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